Camp Riviera


Camping spots

Pitch for your camper and camping spot for your tent

Do you prefer to travel with your own caravan or with your own family tent?

No problem! Even if so you can find a spot in Camp Riviera. We have a total of 60 caravan pitches and 60 camping spots for tents and we are happy to reserve one for you. Furthermore, Camp Riviera offers its guests separate sanitary facilities with showers and toilets.

If you want to pamper yourself during your vacation and don't like to cook yourself, then just visit our coffee shop or our Mediterranean restaurant.

Camping holidays at one of our parcels for your camper or tent means a comfortable journey in your own car or by train without losing any of the many benefits of camping holiday. Above all, your kids will love it.

Make the first step; we’ll take care of the rest!

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